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Happy Hooker Hood Hooks are suitable for a variety of applications. Use as a semi truck hood, battery box or hatch cover fasteners. Multiples of used on off road vehicles, boats, atv's, and snowmobiles. Unlimited applications for home use.

Easy to install, tight fitting latches fit snugly without squeaks or lubrication. The large handles are easy to grasp and included the anti-vibration knob to eliminate noise. Happy Hooker Hood Hooks are injection molded from weather-resistant EPDM rubber. The high quality, heavy duty rubber body is impervious to weather, chemicals and dirt, and withstand a temperature range of -65* to +250* F. and are ozone resistant. The hardware is designed especially for use with the Happy Hooker Hood Hook so you can be assured of a durable product suited to the demands of your application. Precision made from high quality steel, with special hot-zinc bright finish.

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